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Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Tunis
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Contact / ATA Manager

Mrs Henda Hassen, Sous-Directeur
Mrs Chiraz Hadidi, ATA claims

Field of Application ATA Convention
Convention on "Professional equipment"
Convention on "Exhibitions and Fairs"

Other Applications :ATA Carnets are accepted for postal traffic.
ATA Carnets are accepted for transit on condition that the goods presented at a border office directly cross the Tunisian territory or be conveyed to another Customs office to be placed under the temporary admission regime.

Languages in which Carnets should be completed : Arabic and French (the Customs may require a translation when the ATA Carnets are completed in any other language).

Replacement carnet : Yes

Customs Offices : All Tunisian Customs offices open to usual customs traffic are authorized to accept ATA Carnets.
However, concerning the transit operations by land to and from Algeria, only the customs offices of Babouch, Sakiet Sidi Youssef and Bouchebka are authorized to accept the said carnets.