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The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
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Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact / ATA Manager

Mr C.C. Chan, Director, Certification
Ms Y.C. Poon, Manager, Certification

Field of Application ATA Convention
Istanbul Convention and its Annexes A, B1, B2, B6, B7 and C.

Other Applications : Temporary admission operations under national laws and regulations for
which an ATA carnet is accepted: Import and Export Ordinance and Dutiable Commodities Ordinance

ATA Carnets are accepted for transit operations

ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic.

Languages in which Carnets should be completed : English

The Customs will not require a translation when the Carnet has been completed in another language if the examining officers understand that language.

Replacement of Carnet : Yes, in accordance with Article 14, Annex A of the Istanbul Convention

Customs Offices : Duty offices at the Chek Lap Kok Airport, Container Terminal Division,
Harbour and River Trade Division, and boundary entry points.

Official hours

- Chek Lap Kok Airport: 24 hours (around the clock), daily
- Container Terminal Division: Monday – Friday, 08.00-22.30 hours
Saturday, 08.30-17.00 hours
- Harbour and River Trade Division: 24 hours (around the clock), daily

Boundary Entry Points

(a) Lokmachau Division -24 hours (around the clock), daily
(b) Mankamto Division -07.00-22.00 hours, daily
(c) Shataukok Division -07.00-20.00 hours, daily
(d) Lowu Division -06.30-24.00 hours, daily
(e) Through Train Unit–06.30–23.45 hours, daily
(f) China Ferry Unit -06.00-24.00 hours, daily
(g) Hong Kong Macau Ferry Division: 24 hours (around the clock), daily
(h) Shenzhen Bay Cargo Division – 06.30-24.00 hours, daily
(i) Shenzhen Bay Passenger Division – 06.30-24.00 hours, daily
(j) Spur Line Division – 06.30-22.30 hours, daily
(k) Tuen Mun – Macau Ferry Unit – 07.00-22.30 hours, daily